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41 Intellectual Property acronyms and abbreviations

  • AIPO African Intellectual Property Organization
    Business, AFRICA, Artistic property
  • ARIPO African Regional Industrial Property Organization
    Business, AFRICA, Intellectual Property, Property
  • AARC Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies
    Business, Artistic property, Civil law
  • CBCDG Central Bank Counterfeit Deterrence Group
    Government, Intellectual Property, LAW, Property
  • CIPN Centre for Intellectual Property Nepal
    Intellectual Property, Organizations
  • CPVO Community Plant Variety Office
    Science, Land use, Land management
  • DRM Digital Rights Management
    Technology, Internet advertising, LAW
  • DTTP Domestic Technology Transfer Program
    Technology, Engineering, Intellectual Property, Property
  • WIPF Elwelily Intellectual Property Firmrecent
    Intellectual Property
  • EAPO Eurasian Patent Office
    Business, Intellectual Property, Property
  • EPO European Patent Office
    Technology, Intellectual Property, International economics
  • EDRI European Digital Rights
    Business, Artistic property, Civil law
  • EPC European Patent Convention
    Science, Intellectual Property, International economics
  • EPO European Patent Organisation
    Science, Intellectual Property, International economics
  • EPLA European Patent Litigation Agreement
    Business, Intellectual Property, International economics
  • IP Intellectual Property
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • IPR Intellectual Property Rights
    Technology, Telecom, Property
  • IPRC Intellectual Property Rights Committee
    Business, Artistic property, Civil law
  • IPOS Intellectual Property Office Singapore
    Business, Artistic property, Civil law
  • IPC International Patent Classification
    Technology, Intellectual Property, Property
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