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1,086 Insurance acronyms and abbreviations

  • A&H Accident and Health
    Business, Insurance
  • A/E Architect/Engineer
    Technology, Insurance
  • AAA American Academy of Actuaries
    Business, Insurance
  • AAA American Arbitration Association
    Technology, Association, Construction
  • AACI American Association of Crops Insurers
    Business, Insurance
  • AADC American Association of Dental Consultants
    Business, Insurance
  • AAIMC American Association of Insurance…
    Business, Insurance
  • AAI Accredited Adviser in Insurance
    Business, Insurance
  • AAI Alliance of American Insurers
    Business, Insurance
  • AAIM American Academy of Insurance Medicine
    Medical, Medicine, Academy
  • AAIS American Association of Insurance Services
    Business, Insurance
  • AALU Association for Advanced Life Underwriting
    Business, Insurance
  • AAM Associate in Automation Management
    Business, Insurance
  • AAMGA American Association of Managing General Agents
    Business, Insurance
  • AAPL American Association of Petroleum Landmen
    Business, Insurance
  • ABA American Bankers Association
    Technology, Banking, Computing
  • ABA American Bar Association
    LAW, Association, Disability
  • ABIH American Board of Industrial Hygienists
    Science, Insurance, Technology
  • ABS American Bureau of Shipping
    Technology, Insurance
  • ACAS Associate of the Casualty Actuarial Society
    Business, Insurance
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