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10 Injury acronyms and abbreviations

  • TBI: Traumatic Brain Injury
    Medical, Disability, Disability education
  • ACL: Anterior Cruciate Ligament
    Medical, Injury, Nursing
  • RSI: Repetitive Strain Injury
    Technology, Computer, Computing
  • CVS: Computer Vision Syndrome
    Technology, Injury, Medical, Telecom
  • DSH: Deliberate Self-harm
    Medical, Disorder, Injury
  • RSS: Repetitive Stress Syndrome
    Medical, Injury, Medicine
  • SIV: Self-Inflicted Violence
    Medical, Disorder, Injury
  • SIB: Self-injurious behaviour
    Medical, Disorder, Injury
  • SH: Self-Harm
    Medical, Disorder, Injury
  • SI: Self-Injury
    Medical, Disorder, Injury
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