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  • IEHS Immigration and Ethnic History Society
    Science, History, Human migration
  • +1
    IISNC International Institute for the Study of…
    Government, Civilization, Culture
  • IISNC International Institutetute for the Study…
    Civilization, Culture, Human migration
  • +1
    IMES Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies
    Science, Anthropology, Ethnology
  • IMES Institutetute for Migration and Ethnic Studies
    Anthropology, Ethnology, Human migration
  • IMISCOE International Migration, Integration and…
    Human migration, Migration, Science
  • IOM International Organization for Migration
    Government, Human migration, Migration
  • IRO International Refugee Organization
    Government, Human migration, Migration
  • JEMS Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
    Human migration, Migration, Science
  • LERC Lebanese Emigration Research Center
    Government, Human migration, Migration
  • MPG Migration Policy Group
    Human migration, Migration, Science
  • +1
    MPI Migration Policy Institute
    Government, Human migration, Migration, Science
  • MPI Migration Policy Institutetute
    Human migration, Migration, Sociology, Science
  • ODP Orderly Departure Programme
    Human migration, Migration, Medical, Medicine
  • PICUM Platform for International Cooperation on…
    Human migration, Migration, Science
  • RASRO Rescue At Sea Resettlement Offer
    Government, Human migration, Migration
  • RRA Removal Review Authority
    Business, Human migration, Jurisprudence
  • SAMAH Stichting Alleenstaande Minderjarige…
    Foundation, Human migration, Migration
  • UNBRO United Nations Border Relief Operations
    Government, Human migration, Migration
  • UNDTA United Nations Declaration on Territorial Asylum
    Government, Human migration, Migration
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