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641 History acronyms and abbreviations

  • GPS: Global Positioning System
    Travel, Hospitality, Satellite radio
  • GIS: Geographic Information Systems
    History, Technology, Urban planning
  • SAS: Special Air Service
    Military, History, UK, United Kingdom
  • ID: Identification
    Technology, US Post, Telecommunications
  • AD: Anno Domini
    Technology, History, Genealogy
  • BP: Before Present
    Science, Anthropology, Archaeology
  • EIA: Environmental Impact Assessment
    Waste Management, Government, Waste handling
  • JISC: Joint Information Systems Committee
    Technology, Anthropology, Archaeology
  • BC: Before Christ
    Technology, Anthropology, Archaeology
  • EDM: Electronic Distance Measurement
    Technology, Anthropology, Archaeology
  • GPR: Ground Penetrating Radar
    Technology, Anthropology, Archaeology
  • HMSO: Her Majesty's Stationery Office
    Technology, Anthropology, Archaeology, History
  • LSC: Learning and Skills Council
    Education, Anthropology, Archaeology
  • UDT: Underwater Demolition Team
    Military, Army, History
  • PPG: Planning Policy Guidance
    Government, Waste Management, Waste handling
  • OS: Ordnance Survey
    Science, Anthropology, Archaeology, History
  • NFA: No Further Action
    Technology, Anthropology, Archaeology
  • AUP: Acceptable User Policy
    Technology, Anthropology, Archaeology, History
  • BJHS: British Journal for the History of Science
    Science, Scientific periodical, Scientific journal
  • MH: Medical History
    Medical, Medicine, History, Technology

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