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281 Higher Education acronyms and abbreviations

  • AFU African Virtual University
    Education, Academia, AFRICA
  • AFU African Virtual Universityrsity
    Academia, AFRICA, Computer networking
  • AUBG American University in Bulgaria
    Education, Academia, Higher Education
  • AUBG American Universityrsity in Bulgaria
    Academia, Higher Education, Education
  • AUSS Andrews University Seminary Studies
    Education, Academia, Higher Education, Theology
  • AUSS Andrews Universityrsity Seminary Studies
    Academia, Higher Education, Theology, Education
  • AUF Angeles University Foundation
    Academia, Foundation, Higher Education
  • AUF Angeles Universityrsity Foundation
    Academia, Foundation, Higher Education
  • APSSC APS Student Caucus
    Education, Academia, Higher Education, Psychology
  • AAMSG Asian American Medical Student Group
    Education, Academia, Higher Education
  • AMU Asian Mediterranean University
    Education, Academia, Higher Education
  • AMU Asian Mediterranean Universityrsity
    Academia, Higher Education, Education
  • APAHE Asian Pacific Americans In Higher Education
    Education, Academia, Higher Education
  • AAU Association of American Universities
    Medicine, Academia, Association
  • AAU Association of American Universityrsities
    Academia, Association, Higher Education
  • AURA Association of Universities for Research…
    Science, Academia, Association
  • AURA Association of Universityrsities for…
    Academia, Association, Astronomy
  • AAMC Association of American Medical Colleges
    Medical, Medicine, Academia
  • ACURIL Association of Caribbean University,…
    Academia, Association, Data Storage
  • ACURIL Association of Caribbean Universityrsity,…
    Academia, Association, Data Storage
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