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221 Healthcare acronyms and abbreviations

  • AMC Academic Medical Center
    Healthcare, Medical, Medicine
  • A&E Accident and Emergency
    Medical, Construction, Health Care
  • ASR Accreditation Summary Report
    Healthcare, Medical, Medicine
  • ASL Accreditation Status List
    Healthcare, Medical, Medicine
  • ACNP Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
    Medical, Healthcare, Nursing
  • ACNP-C Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Certified
    Medical, Healthcare, Nursing, Medicine
  • ANP Adult Nurse Practitioner
    Medical, Qualification, Professional title
  • AAPCC Adjusted Average Per Capita Cost
    Medical, Health Care, Healthcare
  • AGI Adjusted Gross Income
    Business, Taxation, TAX
  • ADM Advanced Diabetes Management
    Medical, Healthcare, Nursing
  • APRN Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
    Medical, Medical degree, Professional designation
  • AMA Against Medical Advice
    Medical, Firefighting, Healthcare
  • AHCPR Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
    Government, Healthcare, Nursing
  • AFDC Aid to Families with Dependent Children
    Medical, Insurance, Healthcare
  • AGI Alan Guttmacher Institute
    Medicine, Healthcare, Medical
  • AGI Alan Guttmacher Institutetute
    Healthcare, Medical
  • AANP American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
    Medical, Medicine, Academy
  • AAN American Academy of Nursing
    Medical, Medicine, Academy
  • AAHP American Association of Health Plans
    Medical, Medicine, Association
  • AAPCC American Association of Poison Control Centers
    Association, Healthcare, Organization
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