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133 Health professional initials acronyms and abbreviations

  • MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Medical, Microscopy, Nursing
  • EMT: Emergency Medical Technician
    Medical, Medicine, Medical education
  • ACLS: Advanced Cardiac Life Support
    Medical, Medicine, Postnominal
  • LPN: Licensed Practical Nurse
    Medical, United States, Medical qualifications
  • RN: Registered Nurse
    Medical, Healthcare, Medical qualification
  • MS: Master of Science
    Medical, Qualification, Nursing
  • PT: Physical Therapist
    Medical, Special Education, Medical designation
  • BS: Bachelor of Science
    Medical, Undergraduate degree, Medical designation
  • MS: Master of Science
    Medical, Qualification, Nursing
  • BSN: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    Medical, Qualification, Medical education
  • BA: Bachelor of Arts
    Education, Medical degree, Medical designation
  • RRT: Registered Respiratory Therapist
    Medical, Qualification, Professional title
  • DVM: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
    Medical, Medical degree, Professional title
  • COTA: Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
    Medical, Medical qualifications, Medicine
  • MA: Master of Arts
    Education, Medical qualifications, Medicine
  • CNS: Clinical Nurse Specialist
    Medical, Medical qualifications, Nursing
  • CNA: Certified Nursing Assistant
    Medical, Medicine, Medical qualification
  • DDS: Doctor of Dental Surgery
    Medical, Medical credentials, Medical degree
  • MPH: Master of Public Health
    Medical, Qualification, Medical designation
  • MD: Medical Doctor
    Medical, Medicine, Health
  • CNM: Certified Nurse Midwife
    Medical, Medical qualifications, Nursing

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