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56 Hardware acronyms and abbreviations

  • VGA Video Graphics Array
    Technology, Video, Telecommunications
  • APM Advanced Power Management
    Technology, Computing, Electrical Engineering
  • HDL Hardware Description Language
    Technology, Telecom, Software Engineering
  • FET Field Effect Transistor
    Technology, Telecom, Postal
  • ADB Apple Desktop Bus
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • MCA Micro Channel Architecture
    Technology, Computer, Computing
  • GDT Global Descriptor Table
    Technology, Computing, Hardware
  • PXE Preboot Execution Environment
    Technology, Computer, Computer technology
  • AGP Advanced Graphics Port
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • WfM Wired for Management
    Technology, Computing, Hardware
  • BTB Branch Target Buffer
    Technology, Computing, Hardware
  • BGA Ball Grid Array
    Technology, Computing, Electronics
  • PDS Processor Direct Slot
    Technology, APPLE, Computing
  • VMP Video Mount Products
    Technology, Hardware
  • IDP Integrated Data Processing
    Technology, Computer data, Computer Data Processing
  • DDI Device Driver Interface
    Technology, Computing, Hardware
  • TSP Texture and Shading Processor
    Technology, Computing, Hardware
  • ISP Image Synthesis Processor
    Technology, Computing, Hardware
  • MIO Modular Input/Output
    Technology, Computing, Hardware, Telecommunications
  • MSR Model Specific Register
    Technology, Computing, Hardware, Intel

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