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How to abbreviate Global?

The list of 3 abbreviations for Global

abbreviations for Global

  • GLOB Global
  • GL Global
    Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  • G Global
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Global in definitions

  • GPS 
    Global Positioning System
    Travel, Hospitality, Satellite radio
  • GPS 
    Global Positioning Systems
  • Global Command and Control System
    Military, Army, Computing
  • GIG 
    Global Information Grid
    Military, Army, Computer Security
  • Global Navigation Satellite System
    Science, Aviation, Avionics
  • GBS 
    Global Broadcast Service
    Military, Army
  • GIS 
    Global Inbound Services
  • Global Ocean Observing System
    Science, Climatology, Environment
  • GAW 
    Global Atmosphere Watch
    Science, Climatology, Meterology, Telecom
  • Global Climate Observing System
    Science, Climatology, Meterology, Military
  • Global Earth Observation System of Systems
    Science, Telecom, Meterology
  • GAC 
    Global Area Coverage
    Technology, Climatology, Meterology
  • Global Precipitation Climatology Project
    Science, Climatology, Meterology
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
    Technology, Climatology, Diving
  • GTN 
    Global Transportation Network
    Military, Army
  • GPS 
    Global Positioning Satellite
    Technology, Postal, Telecom
  • GTT 
    Global Title Translation
    Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications, Computing
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