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346 Geography acronyms and abbreviations

  • GMT: Greenwich Mean Time
    Technology, Travel, International shipping
  • GIS: Geographic Information System
    Technology, Military, Oil field
  • UK: United Kingdom
    Military, Wikipedia, United Kingdom
  • EST: Eastern Standard Time
    Technology, Time Zone, Time scale
  • PST: Pacific Standard Time
    Technology, Time scale, Time
  • CST: Central Standard Time
    Technology, Time Zone, Time scale
  • AST: Atlantic Standard Time
    Technology, Time Zone, Time scale
  • MST: Mountain Standard Time
    Technology, Time Zone, Time scale
  • CDT: Central Daylight Time
    Technology, Internet slang, Military
  • ADT: Atlantic Daylight Time
    Technology, Computing, Geography
  • UAE: United Arab Emirates
    Military, Army, Energy
  • EDT: Eastern Daylight Time
    Technology, Time scale, Time
  • PDT: Pacific Daylight Time
    Internet slang, Time scale, Time
  • CET: Central European Time
    Technology, Trade, Time Zone
  • BST: British Summer Time
    Technology, Time scale, Time
  • USA: United States of America
    Technology, Aviation, Geography
  • NH: New Hampshire
    Technology, Geography, JOBS
  • RI: Rhode Island
    Technology, Geography, Postal
  • USSR: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
    Military, Geography, International Relations
  • AEST: Australian Eastern Standard Time
    Technology, Australia, Australian time

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