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416 Freight acronyms and abbreviations

  • ACC Acceptance
    Military, AIR, Air cargo
  • ACC ACCepted
    Technology, Telecom, Shipping
  • Acc.COP According To The Custom Of The Port
    AIR, Air cargo, Air freight
  • A/V According To Value
    AIR, Air cargo, Air freight
  • AD Val According To Value
    AIR, Air cargo, Air freight
  • AC Account Current
    Business, AIR, Air cargo
  • AO Account Of
    AIR, Air cargo, Air freight
  • A/P Account Paid
    AIR, Air cargo, Air freight
  • ATA Acctual Time Of Arrival
    AIR, Air cargo, Air freight
  • AGWT Actual Gross Weight
    AIR, Air cargo, Air freight
  • ATD Actual Time of Departure
    Military, Shipping, International shipping
  • AOA Advise Of Arrival
    Cargo, Freight, International shipping, Shipping
  • AD After Date
    Technology, AIR, Air cargo
  • A/D After Date
    Business, AIR, Air cargo
  • a/s After Sight
    Business, AIR, Air cargo
  • AAR Against All Risks
    Freight, AIR, Air cargo
  • AGCY Agency
    Military, AIR, Air cargo
  • agt Agent
    Military, International shipping, International freight
  • ACA Air Cargo Automation
    AIR, Air cargo, Air freight
  • AMT Air Mail Transfer
    Business, Shipping, International trade
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