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57 Formal meeting acronyms and abbreviations

  • IJCAI: International Joint Conference on…
    Technology, Telecom, Neuroscience
  • EWOS: European Workshop for Open Systems
    Technology, Computing, Congress
  • PASC: Pacific Area Standards Congress
    Technology, STANDARDS, Meeting
  • ICANN: International Conference on Artificial…
    Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive science
  • ICBO: International Conference of Building Officials
    Technology, Meeting, Formal meeting
  • MWC: Mobile World Congress
    Technology, Computing, Conference
  • WFC: World Foundry Congress
    Congress, Formal meeting, Meeting
  • VTC: Vehicular Technology Conference
    Technology, Congress, Formal meeting
  • EMBC: European Molecular Biology Conference
    Technology, Biology, Congress
  • ICEIS: International Conference on Enterprise…
    Science, Computer Science, Computing
  • ECFG: European Conference on Fungal Genetics
    Biology, Botany, Congress
  • WCMH: World Congress on Men's Health & Gender
    Congress, Formal meeting, Meeting
  • AVNOJ: Anti-Fascist Council of National…
    Congress, Formal meeting, Meeting
  • TTX: TinyOS Technology Exchange
    Computing, Congress, Electronics
  • SACPAN: South Asia Conference of the Pacific Northwest
    Congress, Formal meeting, International Relations
  • PORSEC: Pan Ocean Remote Sensing Conference
    Congress, Formal meeting, MARINE
  • IWFHR: International Workshop on Frontiers in…
    Congress, Document processing, Formal meeting
  • ISOPT: International Symposium on Ocular…
    Congress, Formal meeting, Meeting
  • ISME: International Symposium on Microbial Ecology
    Congress, ECO, Ecological
  • ICRAT: International Conference on Research in…
    Congress, Formal meeting, Meeting, Organizations

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