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57 Formal meeting acronyms and abbreviations

  • ACB Austrian Convention Bureaus
    Austria, AUSTRIAN, Business
  • ACIS American Conference for Irish Studies
    Science, Meeting, Humanities
  • ASWC Asian Semantic Web Conference
    Computer networking, Organizations, Telecommunications
  • AVNOJ Anti-Fascist Council of National…
    Congress, Formal meeting, Meeting
  • CLAH Conference on Latin American History
    Congress, Formal meeting, History
  • CoNLL Conference on Natural Language Learning
    Congress, Education, Formal meeting
  • CONQUEST Conference on Quality Engineering in…
    Congress, Formal meeting, Meeting
  • ECFG European Conference on Fungal Genetics
    Biology, Botany, Congress
  • ECONAG European Conference on Aging
    Congress, Formal meeting, Gerontology
  • ECTRI European Conference of Transport Research…
    Congress, Europe, European
  • ECTRI European Conference of Transport Research…
    Congress, Europe, European
  • EMBC European Molecular Biology Conference
    Technology, Biology, Congress
  • EPPC European Paleobotany-Palynology Conference
    Congress, Formal meeting, Meeting
  • EWOS European Workshop for Open Systems
    Technology, Computing, Congress
  • FEIEC Far Eastern International Economic Congress
    Congress, Formal meeting, International economics
  • GOSCON Government Open Source Conference
    Congress, Formal meeting, Meeting
  • HRCBM Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities
    Congress, Formal meeting, Human rights
  • ICAANE International Congress on the Archaeology…
    Science, Archaeology, Archeology
  • ICAD International Conference on Auditory Display
    Computing, Congress, Formal meeting
  • ICAD International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease
    Congress, Formal meeting, Meeting
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