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82 Football acronyms and abbreviations

  • Min: Minute
    Technology, Text messaging, SOCCER
  • GAA: Gaelic Athletic Association
    SPORTS, Football, Hurling
  • L: Left
    Technology, SOCCER, Nursing
  • AV: Average
    SOCCER, FIFA, Football
  • B: Back
    Internet slang, Chat, Football
  • R: Right
    Medical, Aviation, Football
  • Pos: Position
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • CPT: Captain
    Military, Army, FIFA
  • F: Forward
    Technology, Soccer positions, SOCCER
  • L: Loss
    Military, FIFA, Football
  • F: Friendly
    Military, FIFA, Football
  • pts: Points
    Sport, Basketball, Locations
  • FIFA: Fédération Internationale de Football Association
    Football, SPORTS, Internet slang
  • CONCACAF: Confederation of North, Central American…
    Football, SOCCER
  • CF: Centre-forward
    Football, Football players, Football positions
  • G: Goalkeeper
    Football, Football players, Football positions
  • St: Start
    Technology, FIFA, Football
  • H: Home
    FIFA, Football, Football results
  • W: Win
    FIFA, Sport jargon, Soccer tables
  • H.T.: Half Time
    FIFA, Football, Football results

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