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39 Ethernet acronyms and abbreviations

  • PoE: Power over Ethernet
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • AUI: Attachment Unit Interface
    Technology, Computing, Ethernet
  • CSMACD: Carrier Sense Multiple Access with…
    Technology, Computing, Ethernet
  • CSMA/CD: Carrier Sense Multiple Access with…
    Technology, Army, Computing
  • CAM: Content Addressable Memory
    Technology, Computer hardware, Computing
  • DELNI: Digital Ethernet Local Network Interconnect
    Technology, Computer Science, Computing
  • MDI: Medium Dependent Interface
    Technology, Computing, Ethernet
  • GE: Gigabit Ethernet
    Technology, Computer networking, Computing
  • WECA: Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance
    Technology, Computing, Ethernet
  • DESTA: Digital Ethernet thin-wire STation Adapter
    Technology, Ethernet
  • DEUNA: Digital Ethernet Unibus Network Adapter
    Technology, Computing, Ethernet
  • DEQNA: Digital Ethernet Q-bus Network Adapter
    Technology, Ethernet
  • DELQA: Digital Ethernet Lowpower Q-bus network Adapter
    Technology, Ethernet
  • DEPCA: Digital Ethernet Personal Computer-bus Adapter
    Technology, Ethernet
  • DELUA: Digital Ethernet Lowpower Unibus network Adapter
    Technology, Ethernet
  • CELL: CIP/Ethernet Library for Linux
    Technology, Computing, Ethernet, Linux
  • SONET: Synchronous Optical Network
    Technology, Telecom, Networking
  • SRT: Source Route Transparent
    Technology, Computing, Ethernet
  • PACE: Priority Access Control Enabled
    Technology, Computing, Ethernet
  • SNAP: Subnetwork Access Protocol
    Technology, Electronic engineering, Ethernet

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