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1,059 Engineering acronyms and abbreviations

  • Arrg't Arrangementrecent
    Technology, Engineering
  • A&CO Activation and Checkout
    Technology, Engineering
  • A&COTA Assembly and Checkout Technical Analysis
    Technology, Engineering
  • A&EM Assembly and External Maintenance
    Technology, Engineering, Logistics, Maintenance
  • A&R Assembly and Recycle
    Technology, Engineering
  • A&T Assembly And Test
    Technology, Engineering
  • A&R Automation and Robotics
    Technology, Electronics, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • A&TA Assembly and Test Area
    Technology, Engineering
  • AA Accelerated Assembly
    Technology, Engineering
  • AAE American Association of Engineers
    Association, Engineering, Organization
  • AASTOM Association for the Advancement of Science…
    Association, Engineering, Natural Science
  • ABE Air-Breathing Engine
    Technology, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • ABEC Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee
    Organizations, Conference, Engineering, Event
  • ABES Air-Breathing Engine System
    Technology, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • ABE Air-Breathing Engine
    Technology, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • ABS Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
    Science, Chemical Engineering, Chemical technology
  • ACCM Austrian Center of Competences in Mechatronics
    Austria, AUSTRIAN, Electronics
  • ACF Automated Control Function
    Technology, Engineering
  • ACIF Australian Construction Industry Forum
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Building
  • ACM Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
    Education, Engineering, Engineering course
  • ACPL Assembly Component Parts List
    Technology, Engineering
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