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257 Energy economics acronyms and abbreviations

  • ECD Energy Citations Database
    Bibliography, Books, Energy
  • IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
    Science, Resource economics, Nuclear Technology
  • IEA International Energy Agency
    Science, Energy, Energy economics
  • AEC Atomic Energy Commission
    Technology, Energy, Energy economics
  • APU Auxiliary Power Unit
    Technology, Resource economics, Military
  • AGA American Gas Association
    Technology, Architectural, Architecture
  • DOE Department of Energy
    Government, Urban planning, Urban design
  • NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    Science, Energy, Energy economics
  • WEC World Energy Council
    Science, Climatology, Energy
  • NEDO New Energy and industrial technology…
    Technology, Energy, Energy economics
  • PCU Power Control Unit
    Technology, Aviation, Energy
  • PCU Power Conversion Unit
    Technology, Energy, Energy economics, Resource economics
  • IPP Independent Power Producer
    Technology, Economics, Energy
  • PV Photovoltaic
    Technology, Automotive, Electric Vehicles
  • PU Power Unit
    Technology, Aviation, Electrical Engineering
  • APERC Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre
    Energy, Energy economics, Resource economics
  • ACE ASEAN Centre for Energy
    Energy, Energy economics, Resource economics
  • PG Power Generation
    Technology, Electrical Engineering, Energy
  • JAEIC Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee
    Technology, Army, Energy
  • PDU Power Drive Unit
    Technology, Aviation, Energy
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