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238 Emergency Management acronyms and abbreviations

  • AAR After Action Report
    Military, Army, Computer Security, Emergency Management
  • ACP Access Control Point
    Government, Emergency, Emergency Management, Hurricane management
  • AEMA Alabama Emergency Management Agency
    Government, Disaster, Emergency
  • AFOS Automation of Field Operations and Services
    Technology, Emergency, Emergency Management
  • ALERT Automated Local Evaluation in Real Time
    Military, Emergency, Emergency Management, Hurricane management
  • ANAD Anniston Army Depot
    Military, Emergency, Emergency Management
  • ANS Alert and Notification System
    Government, Emergency, Emergency Management, Hurricane management
  • AOC Army Operations Center
    Military, Army, Emergency, Emergency Management
  • APFM Associated Program on Flood Management
    Emergency Management, Organizations
  • APG Aberdeen Proving Ground
    Military, Emergency, Emergency Management, Hurricane management
  • ARC American Red Cross
    Military, Emergency, Emergency Management
  • ARES Amateur Radio Emergency Services
    Government, Emergency, Emergency Management, Response
  • ARRL American Radio Relay League
    Technology, Emergency, Emergency Management
  • ASOS Automated Surface Observing Systems
    Science, Emergency, Emergency Management
  • AST Atlantic Standard Time
    Technology, Time Zone, Time scale
  • AWIPS Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System
    Technology, Emergency, Emergency Management, Weather
  • BGAD Blue Grass Army Depot
    Government, Ambulance service, Emergency
  • CARCAH Chief, Aerial Reconnaissance Coordination,…
    Government, Emergency, Emergency Management
  • CB Citizens Band
    Technology, Emergency, Emergency Management
  • CDERA Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency
    Military, Climatology, Emergency Management, Meterology
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