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855 Electronics acronyms and abbreviations

  • A&R Automation and Robotics
    Technology, Electronics, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • A/P Autopilot
    Avionics, Aviation, SpaceCraft
  • ABAS Aircraft-based augmentation system
    Avionics, Aviation, SpaceCraft
  • ABE Air-Based Electronics
    Technology, Electronics, Aerospace Engineering
  • ABE Arm-based electronics
    Science, Army, Electronics
  • ACARS Aircraft Communications Addressing and…
    Technology, Avionics, Aviation
  • ACAS Airborne Collision Avoidance System
    Technology, Aviation, Avionics
  • ACC Area Control Centre
    Technology, Climatology, Meterology
  • ACCM Austrian Center of Competences in Mechatronics
    Austria, AUSTRIAN, Electronics
  • ACE Attitude Control Electronics
    Technology, Flight, Electronics
  • ACEU AeroControl Electronics Unit
    Technology, Aerodynamics, Aviation
  • ACME Attitude Control and Maneuvering Electronics
    Technology, Aerodynamics, Aviation
  • ACE Attitude Control Electronics
    Technology, Flight, Electronics
  • ACMS Aircraft Condition Monitoring System
    Technology, Aviation, Avionics
  • ACP Audio Control Panel
    Technology, Aviation, Avionics
  • ACS Audio Control System
    Technology, Avionics, Aviation
  • ACR American College of Radiology
    Medical, Diagnosis, Diagnostics
  • ADAHRS Air Data and Attitude Heading Reference System
    Avionics, Aviation, SpaceCraft
  • ADC Air Data Computer
    Technology, Military, Electronic hardware
  • AdEEP Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics
    Technology, Electronics, Periodical, Serial publication
  • ADF Automatic Direction Finder
    Technology, Transportation, Telecommunications
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