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How to abbreviate Egypt?

The list of 5 abbreviations for Egypt

abbreviations for Egypt

  • EG: Egypt
    Locations, Countries, Country
  • .eg: Egypt
    Technology, Country code domain, Domain Name
  • EGY: Egypt
    Locations, Countries, Country
  • E: Egypt
  • Eg.: Egypt

Egypt in definitions

  • ET: Egypt Today
  • ET: Egypt through
  • El: Egypt Lovers
  • ECC: Egypt Cyber Center
    Technology, Telecom
  • EES: Egypt Exploration Society
  • EEF: Egypt Exploration Fund
  • EHC: Egypt Hydrocarbon Corporation
  • EG: Egypt Gas
  • ER: Egypt Revealed
  • EEPP: Egypt Environmental Policy Program
  • EHDR: Egypt Human Development Report
  • EIHS: Egypt Integrated Household Survey
  • EBIC: Egypt Basic Industries Corporation
  • EDHS: Egypt Demographic and Health Survey
  • ERTU: Egypt Radio Television Union

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