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Earth Science acronyms and abbreviations

182 acronyms and acronyms related to Earth Science / page 3

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    ECI Environmental Change Institute
    Science, Earth Science, Environmental
  • ECI Environmental Change Institutetute
    Earth Science, Environmental, Geoscience
  • ECSS Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science
    Science, Earth Science, Geoscience
  • EDITORIA Earth observation Data InTegration and…
    Technology, Computer Science, Computing
  • EExSc Earth and Extraterrestrial Sciences
    Education, SPACE, Periodical
  • EGU European Geosciences Union
    Science, Earth Science, Europe
  • ELDP European Lake Drilling Project
    Science, Earth Science, Geoscience, Geosciences
  • EOAST Earth-Oriented Applications and Space Technology
    Science, Periodical, Journal
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    EOC Earth Observation Center
    Science, Earth Science, Geoscience, Geosciences
  • EODC Earth Observation Data Centre
    Science, Earth Science, Geoscience
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    EODRS Earth observation data retrieval system
    Earth Science, Geoscience, Geosciences
  • EROS Earth Resources Observations System
    Science, Earth Science, Geoscience
  • EORC Earth Observation Research Center
    Science, Earth Science, Geoscience
  • EOS Earth Observing System
    Earth Science, Environmental Satellite, Geoscience
  • EPIC Equatorial Processes Including Coupling
    Science, Earth Science, Geoscience, Geosciences
  • EPICA European Project for Ice Coring in Antartica
    Science, Earth Science, Geoscience, Geosciences
  • EPS European polar system
    Science, Earth Science, Geoscience, Geosciences
  • ERAP Earth Resources Aircraft Program
    Technology, Aerodynamics, Aviation
  • ERIN Earth Resources Information Network
    Science, Earth Science, Environment
  • ERS Earth Resources Satellite
    Science, Army, Earth Science
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