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182 Earth Science acronyms and abbreviations / page 2

  • AVNIR Advanced Visible and Near-Infrared Radiometer
    Technology, Earth Science, Geoscience
  • BAS British Antartic Survey
    Science, Earth Science, Environment
  • BGJ Bulgarian Geophysical Journal
    Science, Earth Science, Geoscience, Geosciences
  • CAAML Canadian Avalanche Association Markup Language
    Canada, Earth Science, Geoscience
  • CAEM Center for Antarctic Environment Monitering
    Science, Earth Science, Geoscience
  • CaGeJ Canadian Geotechnical Journal
    Canada, Organizations, North America
  • CaJES Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences
    Education, Periodical, North America
  • CaJSS Canadian Journal of Soil Science
    Canada, Earth Science, Geoscience
  • CCPCE Current Contents Physical, Chemical and…
    Science, Chemistry, Earth Science
  • CCRS Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
    Science, RESEARCH, North America
  • CDEX Center for Deep Earth Exploration
    Science, Earth Science, Geoscience
  • CG Computers and Geosciences
    Technology, Computer Science, Computing
  • ChGeo Chemical Geology
    Education, Bibliographic code, Earth Science
  • ChJPR Chinese Journal of Polar Research
    Science, Earth Science, Geoscience
  • CIESIN Center for International Earth Science…
    Science, Earth Science, Geoscience
  • CLS Collecte Localisation Satellites
    Science, Earth Science, Geoscience
  • CSR Continental Shelf Research
    Science, Earth Science, Geoscience
  • DTMD Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Distributionrecent
    Technology, Satellite, Earth Science
  • E&PSL Earth and Planetary Science Letters
    Education, SPACE, Periodical
  • EaEvS Earth and Evolution Sciences
    Education, Bibliographic code, Earth Science
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