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350 Diving acronyms and abbreviations

  • GPS: Global Positioning System
    Wireless, Satellite radio, Satellite Communications
  • NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    Administration, Meteorology, Military
  • OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration
    Air Force, Medical, Science
  • USN: United States Navy
    Military, United States Navy, United States
  • CNS: Central Nervous System
    Medical, Medicine, Pharmacy
  • ASL: American Sign Language
    Technology, Special Education, Scuba diving
  • GMDSS: Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
    Technology, Climatology, Diving
  • UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and…
    Government, United Nations, Underwater
  • LP: Low Pressure
    Technology, Telecom, Scuba diving
  • BP: Blood Pressure
    Medical, Blood, Medicine
  • SCOR: Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research
    Science, Climatology, Diving
  • SAR: Search and Rescue
    Military, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • Atm: Atmosphere
    Science, Diving, Scuba diving
  • KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid
    Internet slang, Web slang, Online
  • BS: British Standard
    Technology, Underwater, Telecommunications
  • BPM: Beats Per Minute
    Medical, Medicine, Veterinary
  • HP: High Pressure
    Technology, Scuba diving, Pulp and Paper
  • ECU: Environmental Control Unit
    Technology, Army, Diving
  • ISO: International Standards Organisation
    Technology, Business, Cargo shipping
  • psi: Pounds Per Square Inch
    Technology, Packaging, Paper printing

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