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    AAC Austrian Academy Corpus
    Academia, Austria, AUSTRIAN
  • AAC Austrian Academy Corporations
    Academia, Austria, AUSTRIAN
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    AAHSL Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries
    Medical, Medicine, Association
  • AAHSLD Association of Academic Health Sciences…
    Medical, Medicine, Association
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    AALL American Association of Law Libraries
    Government, Association, Data Storage
  • ATLA American Theological Library Association
    Business, Association, Data Storage
  • AARLIN Australian Academic and Research Library Network
    Academia, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • ACRL Association of College and Research Libraries
    Education, Association, Data Storage
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    ACURIL Association of Caribbean University,…
    Academia, Association, Data Storage
  • ACURIL Association of Caribbean Universityrsity,…
    Academia, Association, Data Storage
  • ADAM ALEPH Digital Asset Module
    Data Storage, Library, Technology
  • ADIL Astronomy Data Image Library
    Education, Astronomy, Astrophysics
  • AGORA Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture
    Science, Land use, Land management
  • AHILA Association for Health Information and…
    Medical, Medicine, Association
  • ALLA Australian Law Librarians' Association
    Association, Organization, Library
  • APL Applications Program Library
    Data Storage, Library, Technology
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    APLM Applications Program Library Maintenance
    Data Storage, Library, Technology
  • APL Applications Program Library
    Data Storage, Library, Technology
  • ARC ALEPH Reporting Center
    Data Storage, Library, Organizations
  • BFO Basic Formal Ontology
    Technology, Computer programming, Computing
  • BIALL British & Irish Association of Law Librarians
    Association, Data Storage, Jurisprudence
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