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195 Data Storage acronyms and abbreviations / page 7

  • SEAHTP: South East Asian Historical Texts Project
    Science, Data Storage, History
  • ODDDA: OWTRAD Dromographic Digital Data Archives
    Science, Data Storage, History, Library
  • HAG: Historical Archives of Goa
    Science, Data Storage, History, Library
  • CLS: Cable Library System
    Technology, Computer engineering, Computer hardware
  • PARADISEC: Pacific And Regional Archive for DIgital…
    Science, Biography, Data Storage
  • EVOCS: European Virtual OPAC for Chinese Studies
    Science, Biography, Data Storage
  • CCSL: Center for Chinese Studies Library
    Science, Biography, Data Storage
  • WRD: Water Resource Database
    Technology, Data Storage, Environmental Technology
  • IETDL: IET Digital Library
    Technology, Data Storage, Engineering, Library
  • UGL: Undergraduate Library
    Education, Data Storage, Library
  • SORC: Student Organization Resource Center
    Education, Data Storage, Library
  • E-MEDINE-MD: Euro-MEditerranean Digital-libraries…
    Education, Data Storage, Library
  • MLS: Masters of Library Science
    Technology, Academia, Data Storage
  • EDMS: Electronic Document Management Systems
    Technology, Data Storage, Document processing
  • HELM: Hypertextual Electronic Library of Mathematics
    Technology, Computer Science, Computing
  • BiblioML: Bibliographic Markup Language
    Technology, Computer Science, Computing
  • WFOL: WonderWeb Foundational Ontologies Library
    Technology, Computer Science, Computing
  • LIMBER: Language Independent Metadata Browsing of…
    Technology, Computer Science, Computing
  • MCLC: Modern Chinese Literature and Culture
    Science, Civilization, Culture
  • NCECHO: North Carolina Exploring Cultural Heritage Online
    Civilization, Culture, Data Storage

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