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  • LAF Library Application Framework
    Data Storage, Library
  • LAP Libraries of Asia Pacific
    Data Storage, Library
  • LCC Library of Congress Classification
    Government, Data Storage, Library
  • LCCN Library of Congress Control Number
    Technology, Data Storage, Library
  • LII Librarians' Internet Index
    Technology, Data Storage, Internet
  • LIMBER Language Independent Metadata Browsing of…
    Technology, Computer Science, Computing
  • LINC Library Information Network Consortium
    Data Storage, Library, Organizations
  • LTWA Library of Tibetan Works & Archives
    Data Storage, Library
  • MAGRST Magnetic Tape Restore
    Technology, Data Storage, UNIX
  • MAI Machine-Aided Indexing
    Technology, Data Storage, Information Systems
  • MARC Machine Readible Cataloging
    Data Storage, Library
  • MARLC Melbourne Asian Research Libraries Consortium
    Science, Anthropology, Area studies
  • MBS Miniature Book Society
    Data Storage, Library, Organizations
  • MCLC Modern Chinese Literature and Culture
    Science, Civilization, Culture
  • MDL Master Data Library
    Technology, Computer Science, Computing
  • MENIC Middle East Network Information Centre
    Data Storage, Library
  • MERIP Middle East Research and Information Project
    Science, Data Storage, Library, RESEARCH
  • MeSH Medical Subject Headings
    Government, Bibliography, Books
  • MHLA Maritimes Health Libraries Association
    Medical, Medicine, Association
  • MIPP Microfilming of Indian Publications Project
    Data Storage, Library
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