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195 Data Storage acronyms and abbreviations / page 6

  • IBC: Indian Books Centre
    Data Storage, Library
  • HIR: Hologram Image Register
    Technology, Data Storage, Library, Optics
  • GRETIL: Göttingen Register of Electronic Texts in…
    Science, Data Storage, Humanities
  • GPLS: Georgia Public Library Service
    Data Storage, Library
  • GLIS: Geac Library Information System
    Data Storage, Library
  • GBS: Google Books Search
    Technology, Computer networking, Data Storage
  • EDQM: European Directory for Quality of Medecine
    Medical, Medicine, Data Storage, Library
  • DML: Digital Mathematics Library
    Science, Data Storage, Library
  • DARE: Digital Academic Repositories
    Data Storage, Library
  • CORESE: Conceptual Resource Search Engine
    Technology, Computer networking, Data Storage
  • CEAL: Council on East Asian Libraries
    Data Storage, Library, Organizations
  • BFO: Basic Formal Ontology
    Technology, Computer programming, Computing
  • ARC: ALEPH Reporting Center
    Data Storage, Library, Organizations
  • APLM: Applications Program Library Maintenance
    Data Storage, Library, Technology
  • APL: Applications Program Library
    Data Storage, Library, Technology
  • ADAM: ALEPH Digital Asset Module
    Data Storage, Library, Technology
  • GILRS: Goethals Indian Library and Research Society
    Science, Data Storage, Language
  • CDLI: Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative
    Science, Data Storage, Language
  • PAIR: Portal to Asian Internet Resources
    Technology, Data Storage, Internet
  • DHR: Directory of Human Rights Resources
    Data Storage, Human rights, Library

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