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195 Data Storage acronyms and abbreviations / page 4

  • LCC Library of Congress Classification
    Government, Data Storage, Library
  • PIALA Pacific Islands Association of Libraries…
    Association, Data Storage, Library
  • ITIL IT Infrastructure Library
    Computer Science, Computing, Computing Science
  • CAL Center For Applied Linguistics
    Education, Data Storage, Language
  • ACRL Association of College and Research Libraries
    Education, Association, Data Storage
  • TOCRoSS Table of Contents by Really Simple Syndication
    Data Storage, Library
  • SRW Search/Retrieve Web service
    Data Storage, Library
  • SRU Search/Retrieve via URL
    Data Storage, Library
  • QES Qwam E-content Server
    Technology, Computer networking, Data Storage
  • NCC North American Coordinating Council on…
    Data Storage, Library
  • CDI Committee on Digital Issues
    Data Storage, Library
  • BRCC Biomedical Reference Collection:…
    Data Storage, Library
  • WAC WebFeat Administrative Console
    Data Storage, Library, Technology
  • VTLS Visionary Technology in Library Solutions
    Data Storage, Library
  • VMIS Visual Marine Information Systems
    Science, Data Storage, Library
  • UKSG United Kingdom Serials Group
    Data Storage, Library, Organizations
  • SSELP Sinological Serials in European Libraries Project
    Science, Social sciences, Linguistics
  • SPL Science Photo Library
    Science, Data Storage, Library
  • SGRL South Georgia Regional Library
    Data Storage, Library
  • SEER Scholars Engaged in Electronic Resources
    Data Storage, Library
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