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1,112 Computer Security acronyms and abbreviations

  • 3DES Triple Data Encryption Standard
    Technology, Computer Security, Telecom
  • 3G 3rd Generation
    Technology, Computer Security
  • 3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project
    Technology, Wireless, PHONE
  • 3GPP2 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2
    Technology, Wireless, PHONE
  • A-GPS Assisted Global Positioning System
    Technology, Computer Security, Computing
  • AAA Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
    Technology, Computer Security, Computing
  • AAAK Authentication, Authorization and Accounting key
    Technology, Computer Security
  • AAD Additional Authenticated Data
    Technology, Computer Security
  • AD Authenticated Data
    Technology, Computer Security
  • AAR After Action Report
    Military, Army, Computer Security, Emergency Management
  • AAS Adaptive Antenna System
    Technology, Computer Security
  • ABAC Attribute-Based Access Control
    Technology, Computer Security
  • ACE Access Control Entry
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • ACL Access Control List
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • ACM Association for Computing Machinery
    Technology, University organization, United States
  • ACO Authenticated Cipher Offset
    Technology, Computer Security
  • AD Active Directory
    Technology, Windows, Telecommunications
  • ADS Alternate Data Stream
    Technology, Computer Science, Computer Security
  • AES Advanced Encryption Standard
    Technology, Wireless networking, Telecom
  • AES-CBC Advanced Encryption Standard-Cipher Block Chaining
    Technology, Computer Security
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