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974 Computer Science acronyms and abbreviations

  • ATM: Asynchronous Transfer Mode
    Technology, Army, Data Transmission
  • IT: Information Technology
    Technology, Business, Architectural
  • ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange
    Technology, Army, Telecommunications
  • XML: Extensible Markup Language
    Technology, Architectural, Internet marketing
  • PDF: Portable Document Format
    Technology, DATA, Document processing
  • EDI: Electronic Data Interchange
    Technology, Medical, Logistics
  • ADPCM: Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
    Technology, Computer Science, Computing
  • EBCDIC: Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
    Technology, Computer Science, Computing
  • CRC: Cyclic Redundancy Check
    Technology, Telecom, Information Technology
  • AI: Artificial Intelligence
    Technology, Internet slang, Military
  • SQL: Structured Query Language
    Technology, Telecom, Programming
  • PKI: Public Key Infrastructure
    Technology, Telecom, Software
  • UML: Unified Modeling Language
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • AES: Advanced Encryption Standard
    Technology, Wireless networking, Telecom
  • DTE: Data Terminal Equipment
    Technology, Telecom, Military
  • BER: Bit Error Rate
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • SGML: Standard Generalized Markup Language
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • PDA: Personal Digital Assistant
    Technology, Data Transmission, Educational
  • DOM: Document Object Model
    Technology, WEB, Telecommunications
  • IBM: International Business Machines
    Technology, US Post, Telecommunications

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