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401 Computer engineering acronyms and abbreviations / page 2

  • VGA: Video Graphics Array
    Technology, Video, Telecommunications
  • EGA: Enhanced Graphics Adapter
    Technology, Army, Computer engineering
  • ENIAC: Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer
    Technology, Computer, Computer engineering
  • ECMA: European Computer Manufacturers Association
    Technology, Telecom, Organization
  • ATA: Advanced Technology Attachment
    Technology, Computer, Computer engineering
  • HD: High Definition
    Technology, Telecom, Information Technology
  • HDL: Hardware Description Language
    Technology, Telecom, Software Engineering
  • EPROM: Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory
    Technology, Aviation, Computer engineering
  • GPC: General Purpose Computer
    Technology, Computer engineering, Computer hardware
  • HP: Hewlett Packard
    Technology, Computer engineering, Computer hardware
  • PLD: Programmable Logic Device
    Technology, Telecom, Logic
  • PAL: Programmable Array Logic
    Technology, Telecom, Gate Array
  • NOS: Network Operating System
    Technology, Telecom, Network
  • EPP: Enhanced Parallel Port
    Technology, Computer engineering, Computer hardware
  • CBEMA: Computer and Business Equipment…
    Technology, Association, Computer engineering
  • ADPE: Automatic Data Processing Equipment
    Technology, Telecom, Military
  • I/O: Input/Output
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • NTFS: New Technology File System
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • AHCI: Advanced Host Controller Interface
    Technology, Computer engineering, Computer hardware
  • ALU: Arithmetic Logic Unit
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom

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