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1,155 Computer acronyms and abbreviations / page 35

  • NVRAM: Non-Volatile Random Access Memory
    Technology, Computer, Computing, Information Technology
  • FDMA: Frequency Division Multiple Access
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • WPF: Windows Presentation Foundation
    Technology, Software Development, Software
  • EDSAC: Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer
    Technology, Computer, Computing
  • SDR: Software Defined Radio
    Technology, Communications, Computer
  • GML: Geography Markup Language
    Technology, Computer, Computer programming
  • CN: Common Name
    Technology, Computer, Computer Security
  • IPS: Intrusion Prevention System
    Technology, Computer, Computer Security
  • WCF: Windows Communication Foundation
    Technology, Software Development, Software
  • OUI: Organizationally Unique Identifier
    Technology, Computer, Computing
  • DVD: Digital Versatile Disc
    MoVIES, Technology, Information Technology
  • AWT: Abstract Windowing Toolkit
    Technology, Computer, Computing
  • XP: Extreme Programming
    Technology, Project Management, Information Technology
  • ADCCP: Advanced Data Communications Control Protocol
    Technology, Computer, Computing
  • MTA: Mail Transfer Agent
    Technology, Computer, Computer network
  • NLS: National Language Support
    Technology, Computer, Computing
  • DVD: Digital Video Disc
    Technology, Computer, Computing
  • OLED: Organic Light Emitting Diode
    Technology, Computer, Computing
  • MOO: MUD, Object Oriented
    Technology, CHAT, Computer
  • RIAA: Recording Industry Association of America
    Technology, Association, Computer

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