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258 Company acronyms and abbreviations / page 3

  • CAGR Compound Annual Growth Rate
    Business, Company, CORPORATE
  • CBI Control Break International
    Technology, Company, Computing
  • CDC Control Data Corporation
    Technology, Company, Computer Science
  • CDC Control Data Corporationration
    Company, Computer Science, Computing
  • CDC Control Data Corporation
    Technology, Company, Computer Science
  • CEO Chief Executive Officer
    Technology, US Post, Telecommunications
  • CMO Chief Marketing Officer
    Business, Company, CORPORATE
  • CFO Chief Financial Officer
    Business, US Post, US business
  • CIC Creative Internet Consulting
    Technology, Company, Computing, Internet
  • CIR Cosmetic Ingredient Review
    Science, Cosmetic Products, Cosmetics
  • CMR Competitive Media Reporting
    Technology, Company, Computer software
  • COO Chief Operating Officer
    Business, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • Corp. Corporation
    Business, Company, Company extension
  • CRI Cryptography Research Inc.
    Technology, Company, Computer software
  • CRM Customer Relationship Management
    Technology, Information Technology, Logistics
  • CSC Computer Science Corporation
    Military, Company, Computing
  • CSC Computer Science Corporationration
    Company, Computing, Military
  • CTO Chief Technology Officer
    Technology, US Post, Telecom
  • CVA Commanditaire Vennootschap op Aandelen
    Business, Belgium, Company
  • CVoA Commanditaire Vennootschap op Andelen
    Business, Company, Company extension, Company type
  • d.d. Delniska druzba
    Business, Company, Company extension, Company type
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