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257 Company acronyms and abbreviations / page 3

  • OTC: Over the Counter
    Business, Investing, Medical
  • TIS: Trusted Information Systems
    Technology, Company, Computing
  • CAGR: Compound Annual Growth Rate
    Business, Company, CORPORATE
  • CTO: Chief Technology Officer
    Technology, US Post, Telecom
  • OPN: Oracle Partner Network
    Technology, Company, Computing
  • CMO: Chief Marketing Officer
    Business, Company, CORPORATE
  • TNG: The Next Generation
    Technology, Company, Computing
  • OTN: Oracle Technology Network
    Technology, Company, Computing
  • ROS: Return On Sales
    Business, Accounting, Company
  • P&L: Profit And Loss
    Business, Company, CORPORATE
  • USL: Unix System Laboratories
    Technology, Company, Computing
  • CDC: Control Data Corporation
    Technology, Company, Computer Science
  • ACP: Australian Consolidated Press
    Technology, Australia, Company, Publishing
  • BEP: Bertelsmann Electronic Publishing
    Technology, Company, Publishing
  • EBITDA: Earning Before Interests, Taxes,…
    Business, Company, CORPORATE
  • NZZ: Neue Zürcher Zeitung
    Technology, Company, MEDIA
  • SORG: Small Organization
    Business, Company, Measure
  • MORG: Medium Organization
    Business, Company, Measure
  • TCSN: The Computer Shop Netlink
    Company, Organizations
  • A.C.: Asociación Civil
    Business, Company, Company extension, Company type

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