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42 Christianity acronyms and abbreviations

  • YMCA: Young Men's Christian Association
    Government, Text messaging, Religious
  • ADRA: Adventist Development and Relief Agency
    Government, Christianity, Development, Religious
  • CVM: Christian Veterinary Mission
    Christianity, Religious, Medical
  • NKJV: New King James Version
    Christianity, Religious, Internet slang, Slang
  • CSIC: Centre for the Study of Islam and…
    Christianity, Islam, Islamic
  • CBS: Christliche Bekenntnisschule
    Christianity, Religious
  • WMO: Worldwide Missionary Outreach
    Christianity, Religious, Organizations
  • VC: Vincentian Congregation
    Christianity, Religious
  • UPFC: Utah Partnerships For Christ
    Christianity, Religious
  • UAM: United Adult Ministries
    Christianity, Religious
  • TPMS: Tai Po Methodist School
    Education, Christianity, Religious
  • SSC: Spurgeon Study Centre
    Christianity, Religious
  • SRR: Society for Reformation Research
    Christianity, Religious, Organizations
  • SOTS: Society for Old Testament Study
    Christianity, Judaism, Religion
  • SHCS: Society for Hindu-Christian Studies
    Christianity, India, Religion
  • SBLCS: Society of Biblical Literature Commentary…
    Christianity, Judaism, Religion
  • SBL: Society of Biblical Literature
    Science, Christianity, Cognitive science
  • PSCO: Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origins
    Christianity, Religious
  • OSH: Oblates of the Sacred Heart
    Christianity, Religious
  • NETS: New English Translation of the Septuagint
    Christianity, Judaism, Language

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