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42 Christianity acronyms and abbreviations

  • ADRA Adventist Development and Relief Agency
    Government, Christianity, Development, Religious
  • AFA American Family Association
    Association, Christianity, Organization
  • AiG Answers in Genesis
    Christianity, Religious
  • ARN Access Research Network
    Christianity, Religious
  • ASDAH Association of Seventh-Day Adventist Historians
    Association, Christianity, History
  • BA Biblical Archaeologist
    Science, Archaeology, Archeology
  • BASIC Brothers And Sisters In Christ
    Christianity, Religious
  • CBS Christliche Bekenntnisschule
    Christianity, Religious
  • CCSI Canadian Conference of Secular Institutes
    Canada, Christianity, North America
  • CCSI Canadian Conference of Secular Institutetutes
    Canada, Christianity, North America
  • CMI Carmelites of Mary Immaculate
    Christianity, Religious
  • CSIC Centre for the Study of Islam and…
    Christianity, Islam, Islamic
  • CVM Christian Veterinary Mission
    Christianity, Religious, Medical
  • ECSR Enabling Christians in Serving Refugees
    Government, Christianity, Human migration
  • EvQ Evangelical Quarterly
    Christianity, Religious, Theology
  • HSSC Holy Spirit Study Centre
    Christianity, Religious
  • ICF International Christian Fellowship
    Christianity, Religious
  • IOSCS International Organization for Septuagint…
    Christianity, Judaism, Religion
  • ITMI In Touch Mission International
    Christianity, Religious, Organizations
  • JSNT Journal for the Study of the New Testament
    Christianity, Religious, Theology
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