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8,342 CHAT acronyms and abbreviations / page 5

  • TAFN: That's All For Now
    Internet slang, CHAT, Online
  • PGP: Pretty Good Privacy
    Technology, Information Technology, Internet slang
  • OT: Off Topic
    Internet slang, Text messaging, Online
  • JK: Just Kidding
    Internet slang, Modern slang, Text messaging
  • BG: Big Grin
    Internet slang, CHAT, Online
  • TLA: Three Letter Acronym
    Internet slang, SLANG, CHAT
  • FYI: For Your Information
    Internet slang, Web slang, Online
  • PVC: Permanent Virtual Circuit
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • MTBF: Mean Time Between Failure
    Technology, Military, Internet slang
  • FUBAR: Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition
    Internet slang, Online, Text messaging
  • CDT: Central Daylight Time
    Technology, Internet slang, Military
  • BCC: Blind Carbon Copy
    Internet slang, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
    Internet slang, CHAT, Email
  • DBEYR: Don't Believe Everything You Read
    Internet slang, CHAT, Online
  • LSHMBB: Laughing So Hard My Belly is Bouncing
    Internet slang, CHAT, Email
  • FOMCL: Falling off my chair laughing
    Internet slang, CHAT, Email
  • WMMOWS: Wash My Mouth Out With Soap
    Internet slang, CHAT, Email
  • SME: Subject Matter Expert
    Military, US army, Telecommunications
  • FDROTFL: Falling Down Rolling On The Floor Laughing
    Internet slang, CHAT, Email
  • IYFEG: Insert Your Favorite Ethnic Group
    Internet slang, CHAT, Email

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