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2,340 California acronyms and abbreviations

  • SUPA: Statewide University Police Association
    Organizations, Education, Organization
  • SUH: State University House
    Education, University, California
  • SNAPS: Student Needs and Priorities Survey
    Education, Student, Survey, California
  • SETC: State Employees Trades Council
    Labour, Labour economics, Organizations
  • CSAC: California Student Aid Commission
    Business, Education, Organization
  • IHE: Institution Of Higher Education
    Education, Disability, Special Education
  • CTAP: California Technology Assistance Project
    Medical, Education, Assistance Program
  • CTA: California Teachers Association
    Organizations, Education, Organization
  • CSUEU: California State University Employees Union
    Education, Organization, University
  • CSSA: California State Student Association
    Business, Education, Organization
  • CTA: California Teachers Association
    Organizations, Education, Organization
  • CPEC: California Postsecondary Education Commission
    Education, Organization, California, Postsecondary Education
  • CLAD: Crosscultural, Language and Academic Development
    Education, Language, Development, California
  • BCLAD: Bilingual Crosscultural, Language and…
    Education, Language, Development, California
  • CDE: California Department of Education
    Education, STATE, Department, California
  • CCTC: California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
    Education, Organization, Teacher
  • CCCS: California Community Colleges System
    Education, California, Organization, Higher Education
  • CBEST: California Basic Education Skills Test
    Education, California, Basic education, Test
  • CAPP: California Academic Partnership Program
    Education, Partnership, California
  • BTSA: Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment
    Education, Teacher, State-Funded Program, California
  • API: Academic Performance Index
    Education, California, School

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