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  • A&E Architecture and Engineering
    Military, Applied sciences, Architectural Design
  • AAHBA Athens Area Home Builders Association
    Association, Building, Construction
  • ABHM Association of Building Hardware Manufacturers
    Technology, Building, Construction
  • ACIF Australian Construction Industry Forum
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Building
  • ACTP Austrian Construction Technology Platform
    Austria, AUSTRIAN, Building
  • ADAAG Americans with Disabilities Act…
    Technology, Building, Construction, Disability
  • AIVC Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre
    Technology, Building, Construction
  • APCC Australian Procurement and Construction Council
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Building
  • APPRICOD Assessing the Potential of Plastics…
    Technology, Building, Construction
  • ASF Assignable Square Feet
    Technology, Building, Construction
  • AWF Animal Welfare Foundation
    Building, Construction, Foundation
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    BBRI Belgian Building Research Institute
    Belgian, Belgium, Building
  • BBRI Belgian Building Research Institutetute
    Belgian, Belgium, Building
  • BCCA Belgian Construction Certification Association
    Association, Belgian, Belgium
  • BCQS Belgian Construction Quality Society
    Belgian, Belgium, Building
  • BDP Building Design Partnership
    Technology, Applied sciences, Architectural Design
  • BEM Building & Energy Management
    Technology, Building, Construction
  • BHA Bulgarian Housing Association
    Association, Building, Construction
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    BII Bioinformatics Institute
    Technology, Building, Computer Science
  • BII Bioinformatics Institutetute
    Building, Computer Science, Computing
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