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346 Biology acronyms and abbreviations

  • A Adenosine
    Biochemistry, Biology, Biophysics
  • AAA American Association of Anatomists
    Medicine, Anatomy, Association
  • AAOB American Association of Oral Biologists
    Association, Biology, Organization
  • ABSA American Biological Safety Association
    Science, Association, Biology
  • AAVCB Australian Association of Veterinary…
    Association, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • ABA Australian Biotechnology Association
    Association, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • ABAB Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology
    Biochemistry, Biology, Biophysics
  • ABC Austrian Bioenergy Centre
    Austria, AUSTRIAN, Biology
  • ABLE Association for Biology Laboratory Education
    Association, Biology, Education
  • ABMG American Board of Medical Genetics
    Science, United States, Nursing
  • ada Adenosine Deaminase
    Medical, Immune deficiency, Immunology
  • AdBMP Advances in Biological and Medical Physics
    Science, Biology, Medical
  • ADI Applikon Dependable Instruments
    Science, Biology, Biotechnology
  • ADI Applikon Dependable Instituteuments
    Biology, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering
  • AFRRI Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
    Military, Army, Biology
  • AFRRI Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institutetute
    Military, Army, Biology
  • AGTS Australasian Gene Therapy Society
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Biology
  • AIFRB American Institute of Fisheries Research…
    Medicine, Biology, Fishing
  • AIFRB American Institutetute of Fisheries…
    Biology, Fishing, Maritime
  • AMS Australian Mammal Society
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Biology
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