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  • AAV Accountholder Authentication Value
    Business, Banking, Computer networking
  • AB Accepted Bills
    Business, Banking, Finance
  • ABA American Bankers Association
    Technology, Banking, Computing
  • ABF Asset Based Financing
    Business, Banking, Finance
  • ACF Account Credit Facility
    Business, Banking, Finance
  • ACH Automated Clearance House
    Business, Banking, Finance
  • +3
    ADB African Development Bank
    Government, AFRICA, Banking
  • ADB Agricultural Development Bank
    Technology, Land management, Land
  • ADB Asian Development Bank
    Business, Development, Finance
  • AfDBG African Development Bank Group
    Business, AFRICA, Banking
  • ADMS Access Device Messaging Specification
    Technology, Banking, Computing
  • ADX Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange
    Business, Banking, Commerce
  • AFT Automated Funds Transfer
    Technology, Banking, Finance
  • AG Accountant General
    Business, Banking, Finance
  • +1
    AIBIM Association of Islamic Banking…
    Business, Banking, Finance
  • AIBIM Association of Islamic Banking…
    Banking, Finance, Malaysia, Business
  • AITAB Al-Ijarah Thumma Al-Bai
    Business, Banking, Finance
  • AL Agreement to lease
    Business, Banking, Finance
  • ALCO Asset Liability Committee
    Business, Banking, Finance
  • ALM Asset Liability Management
    Business, Banking, Finance
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