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1,020 Australia acronyms and abbreviations

  • IT Information Technology
    Technology, Business, Architectural
  • EC European Commission
    Technology, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
    US Post, Construction, Computing
  • 1
    EST Eastern Standard Time
    Technology, Time Zone, Time scale
  • CST Central Standard Time
    Technology, Time Zone, Time scale
  • MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Medical, Microscopy, Nursing
  • GFE Government Furnished Equipment
    Military, Telecom, Project Management
  • EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
    Military, US Post, Taxation
  • 1
    CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial…
    Technology, RESEARCH, Meterology
  • CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial…
    Science, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • CDT Central Daylight Time
    Technology, Internet slang, Military
  • ESL English as a Second Language
    Education, Study, Special Education
  • EDT Eastern Daylight Time
    Technology, Time scale, Time
  • RDF Resource Description Framework
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • MOU Memorandum of Understanding
    Technology, Firefighting, Hurricane management
  • ERIC Educational Resources Information Center
    Education, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • ASX Australian Stock Exchange
    Business, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • QMS Quality Management System
    Technology, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time
    Technology, Australia, Australian time
  • ACS Australian Computer Society
    Technology, Australia, Computing, Telecom

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