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1,020 Australia acronyms and abbreviations

  • ATSIC Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission
    Government, Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Technology
  • ATSIPTAC Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander…
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • AESIP Aboriginal Education Strategic Initiatives Program
    Government, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • AHS Aboriginal Health Services
    Australia, Medical, Medicine
  • AWF Academic Women's Forum
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Organizations
  • ARIA Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia
    Government, Australia
  • ACTCOSS ACT Council for Social Services
    Government, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • ACTCAL ACT Council for Adult Literacy
    Government, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • AR Active Reserve
    Military, Army, Australia
  • ADB Adelaide Bank
    Business, Australia, Bank, Finance
  • AHTA Adelaide Health Technology Assessment
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Medical, Organizations
  • ARI Adelaide Research & Innovation
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Medical, Organizations
  • ASO Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
    Australia, Australian music, Classical music
  • AYO Adelaide Youth Orchestra
    Australia, Australian music, Classical music
  • ACE Adult and Community Education
    Education, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • ABE Adult Basic Education
    Education, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • ACFED Adult Community and Further Education Division
    Government, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • ACFEB Adult Community and Further Education Board
    Government, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
  • ACFED Adult Community and Further Education Divisionsion
    Australia, AUSTRALIAN, Government
  • ALA Adult Learning Australia
    Government, Australia, AUSTRALIAN
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