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14,369 Army acronyms and abbreviations / page 2

  • LAN: Local Area Network
    Technology, Computer hardware, Internet slang
  • GSFC: Goddard Space Flight Center
    Astronomy, Celestial objects, Earth Science
  • EW: Electronic Warfare
    Army, Electronics, Military
  • SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol
    Technology, Application layer protocol, Meterology
  • JPL: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Army, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • GSA: General Services Administration
    Military, Architectural, US Post
  • NIST: National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Army, Technology, US Post
  • DLA: Defense Logistics Agency
    Military, Army, US army
  • DISA: Defense Information Systems Agency
    Military, Army, Computer Security
  • MIB: Management Information Base
    Internet slang, Army, Text messaging
  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol
    Technology, Internet slang, WEB
  • NWS: National Weather Service
    Military, Agriculture, Weather Forecast
  • FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency
    Military, Administration, Insurance
  • OSD: Office of the Secretary of Defense
    Military, Administration, Army
  • WWW: World Wide Web
    Technology, Web development, WEB
  • NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    Military, Army, Communications Satellite, Satellite
  • FAR: Federal Acquisition Regulation
    Military, Administration, US Post
  • DIA: Defense Intelligence Agency
    Military, Army, Benefits
  • RF: Radio Frequency
    Technology, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • ISO: International Standards Organization
    Technology, Telecom, Military

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