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14,372 Army acronyms and abbreviations / page 10

  • AC Active Component
    Military, Army
  • AC Air Conditioning
    Technology, Military, Electric Vehicles
  • AC Aircraft Commander
    Military, Army, Military jargon
  • AC Aircraftman
    Military, Air Force, Armed Forces
  • ACC Air Combat Command
    Military, Army, Government
  • AC Air Crew
    Military, Army
  • AC Alternating Current
    Technology, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications
  • AC1 Aircraftman First Class
    Military, Air Force, Armed Forces
  • AC2 Aircraftman Second Class
    Military, Air Force, Armed Forces
  • AC2MP Army Command and Control Master Plan
    Military, Army
  • AC2SMAN Alaskan Command and Control System…
    Military, Army
  • ACA Airspace Control Authority
    Military, Army
  • ACA Alternate Command Authority
    Military, Army
  • ACAAM Air Courses of Action Assessment Model
    Technology, Army, Military
  • ACAC Aircrew Allocation Center
    Military, Air Force, Armed Forces
  • ACACS Army Command and Area Communications System
    Military, Army
  • ACAP Army Career and Alumni Program
    Military, Army, Army Forces
  • ACAT Acquisition Category
    Military, Army, Naval, Technology
  • ACATC Air Cadets Adventure Training Center
    Military, Air Force, Armed Forces
  • ACC Access Control Center
    Military, Army
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