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67 Anatomy acronyms and abbreviations

  • CNS Central Nervous System
    Medical, Medicine, Pharmacy
  • PARE Physiological and Anatomical Rodent Experiment
    Technology, Anatomy, Biology
  • CSF Cerebrospinal Fluid
    Medical, Medicine, Veterinary
  • RPE Retinal Pigment Epithelium
    Medicine, Medical, Science
  • MBC Maximum Breathing Capacity
    Science, Anatomy, Biology
  • ICA Internal Carotid Artery
    Medicine, Anatomy, Biology
  • MDCK Madin-Darby Canine Kidney
    Medicine, Anatomy, Biology
  • DG Dentate Gyrus
    Medicine, Anatomy, Biology
  • TP Temporal Pole
    Anatomy, Cerebrum, Human anatomy
  • OEC Olfactory Ensheathing Cell
    Medicine, Anatomy, Biology
  • ORS Outer Root Sheath
    Medicine, Anatomy, Biology
  • IT Inferior Temporal Cortex
    Anatomy, Cerebrum, Human anatomy
  • HF Hair Follicle
    Medicine, Anatomy, Biology
  • Ent Entorhinal Cortex
    Anatomy, Cerebrum, Human anatomy
  • DP Dermal Papilla
    Medical, Medicine, Anatomy
  • AAA American Association of Anatomists
    Medicine, Anatomy, Association
  • GSO Glandular sensory organ
    Science, Anatomy, Biology
  • GBM Globular Basement Membrane
    Science, Anatomy, Biology
  • EEyeR Experimental Eye Research
    Science, Anatomy, Biology
  • CEyeR Current Eye Research
    Science, Anatomy, Biology

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