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216 Adult acronyms and abbreviations

  • ABFT About Fucking Time
    Adult, Modern slang, SLANG
  • ASP Adult Service Provider
    Adult, BDSM, Escorts
  • AVS Adult Verification System
    Technology, Adult, Computing, Internet
  • Happy Ending A Handjob Or Blowjob After Massage
    SEX, Sexual, Escorts
  • ATF All-Time Favorite
    SEX, Sexual, Escorts
  • ATF All Time Favorite
    Internet slang, Escorts, IM
  • ABC American Born Chinese
    Internet slang, Chat, Texting
  • ABJ American Born Japanese
    SEX, Sexual, Escorts
  • AR Anal Rimming
    Adult, BDSM, Escorts
  • AAMP Apartment Asian Massage Parlor
    SEX, Sexual, Escorts
  • AMP Asian Massage Parlor
    Adult, BDSM, SEX
  • Five-O A police officer
    Adult, BDSM, Escorts
  • 69 A sex position facilitating mutual oral sex
    SEX, Sexual, Escorts
  • ATM Ass To Mouth
    Escorts, Adult, BDSM
  • Escort A Temporary Companion For Hire
    SEX, Sexual, Escorts
  • BITCH Babe In Total Control of Herself
    Funny, Adult, Internet slang, Slang
  • B&S Bait and Switch
    SEX, Sexual, Escorts
  • BLS Ball Licking and Sucking
    Escorts, Adult, BDSM
  • BB Bare Back
    SEX, Sexual, Escorts
  • BBBJWF Bare Back Blow Job With Facial
    Adult, BDSM, Escorts
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