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281 Accounting acronyms and abbreviations

  • ISO: International Standards Organization
    Technology, Telecom, Military
  • GAO: General Accounting Office
    Military, US Post, Telecommunications
  • SEC: Securities and Exchange Commission
    Philippines government, Business, United States
  • R&D: Research and Development
    Military, Telecom, Stock
  • CFO: Chief Financial Officer
    Business, US Post, US business
  • DFAS: Defense Finance and Accounting Service
    Military, Accountancy, Accounting
  • CPA: Certified Public Accountant
    Business, US business, Title
  • CMA: Certified Management Accountant
    Business, Accountancy, Accountancy certification
  • NPV: Net Present Value
    Business, Oil exploration, Oil field
  • NYSE: New York Stock Exchange
    Business, Telecommunications, Telecom
  • FASB: Financial Accounting Standards Board
    Business, Technology, Stock
  • IASB: International Accounting Standards Board
    Business, Accountancy, Accounting
  • EPS: Earnings Per Share
    Business, Stock market, Stock
  • CIA: Certified Internal Auditor
    Business, Accountancy, Accounting
  • AICPA: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
    Business, US business, United States
  • CAPM: Capital Asset Pricing Model
    Business, Accounting, Energy
  • GAAP: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
    Business, US Post, Telecom
  • IASC: International Accounting Standards Committee
    Business, Accounting, Finance
  • GL: General Ledger
    Technology, Text messaging, Telecommunications
  • IFRS: International Financial Reporting Standards
    Business, Accountancy, Accounting

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