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What does AKI mean (Medical category)?

× No terms for AKI in Medical category

The list of 23 meanings of
AKI acronym or abbreviation

  • AKI: Acute Kidney Injury
  • AKI: Authority Key Identifier
    Technology, Computing
  • AKI: Anti-Knock Index
  • AKI: Anti Knock Index
  • AKI: Agricultural Knowledge Initiative
  • AKI: Angka Kematian Ibu
  • AKI: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Kunststoff-Industrie
  • AKI: Ibk-Petra
    Airline, ICAO airline code, Organizations
  • AKI: ADN Kronos International
  • AKI: Ashihara Karate International
  • AKI: Asosiasi Kontraktor Indonesia
  • AKI: Aikido Kenkyukai International
  • AKI: Association of Kenya Insurers
  • AKI: Angelo King Institute
  • AKI: August Krogh Institute
  • AKI: Art Knife Invitational
  • AKI: American Kenpo International
  • AKI: Advanced Knowledge Innovations
  • AKI: Advocates for Kosova Independence
  • AKI: Automatische Knipperlicht Installatie

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