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What does WAIT mean?

The list of 17 meanings of
WAIT acronym or abbreviation

  • WAIT: Washington AIDS International Teens
  • Wait: We're All In This
  • WAIT: Why Am I Talking
  • WAIT: Wait state
    Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  • WAIT: Western Australian Institute of Technology
  • WAIT: West Australian Institute of Technology
  • WAIT: Western Australian Institutetute of Technology
  • WAIT: Why Am I Tempted
  • WAIT: Weeks after initial treatment
  • Wait: Wide Area Information Transfer
  • Wait: World Adventures in Time
  • WAIT: Wildlife and Industry Together
  • Wait: What Are Identity Theft
  • WAIT: World Association of Industrial and Technological
  • WAIT: Woodhead Against Increased Traffic
  • WAIT: Winningham Aerobic Interval Training
  • WAIT: What Alloy Is That
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