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What does TOYOTA mean?

The list of 21 meanings of
TOYOTA acronym or abbreviation

  • Too Often Yankees Overprice This Auto
    Humour, Automotive humour, CAR
  • Too Often Yanks Overprice This Auto
    Automotive humour, CAR, Car brand
  • Too Often Yankees Overprice This Automobile
  • The One You Ought To Avoid
    Automotive humour, CAR, Car brand
  • This One You Oughta Tow Away
  • Torturous On Your Old Tired Ass
    Car brand, CARS, FUN
  • The One You Only Trust, Always
  • The One You Only Trust Always
  • Taking Our Yen Out - Thanks All
    Automotive humour, CAR, Car brand
  • To Operate Your Own Terrific Automobile
    Internet slang
  • Two Old Yamahas On Thin Aluminum
  • Toyota Canada
    Airline, Call Sign, Organizations
  • Take Only Your Ordure To America
    Automotive humour, CAR, Car brand
  • take of your oversized tires asshole
  • Taking Out Yankees Over Troublesome Acceleration
    Automotive humour, CAR, Car brand
  • Toyota Overcharges You On Their Accessories
  • Totalled Only Yesterday, Officer Towed Away
  • Totally Ordinary Yawn-Optimizing Tedious Autos
    Auto, Automotive, Automotive humour
  • Totaal Onveilig Yapans Ontwerp Tegen Afvalsprijs
  • Taking Our Yen Out Through Australia
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