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What does SPEED mean?

The list of 38 meanings of
SPEED acronym or abbreviation

  • Speed: Speeding
  • SPEED: Self-Programmed Electronic Equation Delineator
  • SPEED: Strategies For Patency Enhancement In The Emergency Department
    Medical, Medicine
  • SPEED: Selective Potentiostatic Etching by Electrolytic Dissolution
  • SPEED: System Planning Engineering and Evaluation Device
  • SPEED: Systems Planning Engineering and Evaluation Device
  • SPEED: System Planning, Engineering, and Evaluation Device
  • SPEED: Streamlined Process Expiditing Engineering Deliverables
    Technology, Telecom, Telecommunications
  • SPEED: School of Professional Education and Executive Development
  • SPEED: Student Platform for Engineering Education Development
  • SPEED: Spinal Proprioceptive Extension Exercise Dynamic
  • SPEED: Support for Private Enterprise Expansion and Development
  • SPEED: Support Programme for Enterprise Empowerment and Development
  • SPEED: Sustainably Priced Energy Enterprise Development
  • SPEED: Student Projects for Engineering Experience and Design
  • SPEED: Stimulus Plan for Economic and Educational Development
  • SPEED: Software Performance Enhancement for Encryption and Decryption
  • SPEED: Scientific Pool of Environmental Economic Disciplines
  • SPEED: Sports Prototype Endurance Event Driving
  • SPEED: Savings Promotion & Enhancement of Enterprise Development

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