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What does SNAFU mean?

The list of 25 meanings of
SNAFU acronym or abbreviation

SNAFU stands for

  • Situation Normal All Fucked Up
    Internet slang, Military slang, Army slang
  • Situation Normal, All Fouled Up
    Internet slang, CHAT, SMS, Text messaging
  • Situation Normal All Fouled Up
    Technology, Army, CHAT
  • Situation Normal, All Fucked Up
    Internet slang, Technology
  • Situation Normal, All F'd Up
    Internet slang
  • Situation Normal: All Fucked Up
    Internet slang, Internet, Internet jargon
  • situation normal all F'ed up
  • Situation Normal: All Fowled Up
    Business, Technology
  • Situation Normal, All Fixed Up
  • Situation Normal All Fowled Up
  • Situation Normal, All Fowled Up
  • Situation Normal All Fudged Up
  • Situation normal, all foobared up
  • Situation Normal All Fired Up
  • Situation Normal, All Farked Up
  • Situation Normal, All Fed Up
  • Situation normal, all fucking up
  • Support Network for an Armed Forces Union
  • Special Needs Advocates for Understanding
  • Southern Nevada Ale Fermenters Union
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