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What does SCFM mean?

The list of 13 meanings of
SCFM acronym or abbreviation

  • SCFM: Standard Cubic Feet per Minute
    Technology, Forest industry, Packaging
  • SCFM: Standard cubic foot per minute
  • SCFM: Standard Cubic Feet Minute
  • SCFM: Standard cubic feed per minute
  • SCFM: Sub-Carrier Frequency Modulation
    Technology, Computing, Telecommunications
  • SCFM: Sequential Character File Manager
  • SCFM: South Carolina Federation of Museums
  • SCFM: State Committee for Financial Monitoring
  • SCFM: Southern Colorado Family Medicine
  • SCFM: Scottish Centre for Facilities Management
  • SCFM: Stochastic Cloud Forecast Model
  • SCFM: SubCarrier Frequency Modulation
  • SCFM: Self-Consistent Field Method
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